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Collecting Dolls -

1000 Tin Toys (Klotz S.)
12 INCH FIGURINES: Soldiers of the Second World War (Histoire and Collections: Action Figures and Toys)
200 Years of Dolls: Identification and Price Guide (200 Years of Dolls: Identification and Price Guide)
20th Century Paper Dolls: Identification and Values
2nd Muffy Identification and Price Guide (Muffy Vanderbear Identification and Price Guide)
4th Teddy Bear and Friends Price Guide
5th Blue Book Dolls and Values
6th Blue Book Dolls and Values
7th Blue Book Dolls and Values
A Basic Guide to Fashion Doll Restoration
A Celebration of American Dolls: From the Collections of Strong Museum
A Celebration of Enchantment
A Closetful of Doll Clothes
A Collector's Guide to the Gerber Baby
A Decade of Barbie Dolls and Collectibles 1981-1991: Identification and Values
A Dollmaker's Art: The Creations Of Nancy Wiley
A Guide to Hopi Katsina Dolls
A. Glenn Mandeville's Alexander Dolls 3rd Collector's Price Guide
A. Glenn Mandeville's Madame Alexander Dolls Value Guide
A. Glenn Mandeville's Madame Alexander Dolls: Price Guide
ABCs of Doll Collecting
Action Figures of the 1960s
Action Figures of the 1980s
Action Man
Advertising Art of Steiff: Teddy Bears and Playthings
African and Asian Costumed Dolls Price Guide
Alexander Dolls Collector's Price Guide
All About Doll Repair and Care: A Guide to Restoring Well-Loved Dolls
All-Bisque and Half-Bisque Dolls
American Character Dolls: Identification and Value Guide
American Dollhouses and Furniture from the 20th Century: With Price Guide
American Dolls from the Post-War Era, 1945-1965
American Dolls: From the Brooklyn Children's Museum (Little Books)
American Rag Dolls: Straight from the Heart
Americas, Australia, and Pacific Islands Costumed Dolls: Price Guide
An Unauthorized Guide to Godzilla Collectibles
Angels from the Heart
Annalee Mobilitee Dolls: Price Guide
Annalee Price Index and Collector's Information Guide: Annalee Animals
Another Pretty Face: Transfer Faces for the Dollmaker
Antique and Modern Teddy Bears: 1st edition
Antique Children's Fashions 1880-1900
Antique Collector Dolls (Antique Collector Dolls)
Antique Doll Photo Postcards in Full Color (Card Books)
Antique Doll Postcard Book (Postcard Books (Todtri Productions))
Antique Dolls
Antique Dolls 2002 Calendar
Antique Dolls 2003 Calendar
Antique Dolls of China and Bisque
Antique Dolls Stickers (Pocket-Size Sticker Collections)
Antique Paper Dolls: The Edwardian Era
Antique Trader's Doll Makers and Marks: A Guide to Identification
Antique Trader's Guide to Games and Puzzles
Argus Guide to Doll Collecting
Arranbee Dolls: Identification and Value Guide
Art Deco Paper Doll Wardrobe 1920-1939
Art Of Patti Playpal
Artdolls: Basic Sculpting and Beyond
Authentic Shirley Temple Patterns
Baby Boomer Dolls Plastic Playthings of the 50's and 60's, Second Edition
Baby Boomer Games: Identification and Value Guide
Baby Dolls: With Heads Made of Bisque from 1909 Until Circa 1930 Character Baby Dolls
Baby-Boomer Dolls: Plastic Playthings of the 1950's and 1960's a Reference and Price Guide
Barbie (Memoirs S.)
Barbie (Universe of Fashion)
Barbie and Her Mod, Mod, Mod, Mod, World of Fashion
Barbie Doll Collector's Handbook
Barbie Doll Exclusively for Timeless Creations: Identification and Values : Book 3
Barbie Doll Fashion 1975-1979: The Complete History of the Wardrobes of Barbie Doll, Her Friends, and Her Family (Barbie Doll Fashion)
Barbie Doll Fashion: Vol. 2, 1968-1974 (Barbie Doll Fashion)
Barbie Doll Structure and Furniture (Barbie)
Barbie Doll Treasures 1959-1997: Features : Fashion Booklets, Fashions, Dolls, Structures, and More... (Barbie)
Barbie Doll Trivia Trail
Barbie Doll: Identification and Values (Collector's Encyclopedia of Barbie Doll Collector's Editions)
Barbie Exclusives Identification and Values (Barbie Exclusives)
Barbie Exclusives: Identification and Values Featuring : Department Store Specials Porcelain Treasures and Disney
Barbie Fashion, 1959-1967 (Barbie Doll Fashion)
Barbie Live 2001 Calendar
Barbie Live 2002 Wall Calendar
Barbie Loves L.A: America's Favorite Doll Sees the Sites
Barbie Sound Story
Barbie the First 30 Years 1959 Through 1989: An Identification and Value Guide
Barbie the First 30 Years, 1959 Through 1989 and Beyond: Identification and Value Guide (Barbie the First 30 Years)
Barbie: A Visual Guide to the Ultimate Fashion Doll
Barbie: Doll (Miniature Editions)
Barbie: Four Decades in Fashion (Tiny Folios Series)
Barbie: Four Decades of Fashion, Fantasy, and Fun
Barbie: Her Life and Times
Barbie: In Fashion (Tiny Folio)
Barbie: In Fashion (Tiny Folios (Hardcover Japanese))
Barbie: The Icon, the Image, the Ideal an Analytical Interpretation of the Barbie Doll in Popular Culture
Barbie: What a Doll!: Four Decades of a Fashion
Bear Memorabilia: A Reference and Price Guide
Bears and Dolls in Advertising
Bears and Dolls in Advertising: Guide to Collectible Characters and Critters
Beautiful Dolls Made Easy
Beckett Racing Collectibles and Die-Cast Price Guide
Beckett Racing Collectibles Price Guide (Beckett Racing Collectibles and Die-Cast Price Guide)
Beckett Racing Price Guide and Alphabetical Checklist
Beckett Racing Price Guide and Alphabetical Checklist Number 9 (Beckett Racing Collectibles and Die-Cast Price Guide)
Beloved China Dolls
Beloved Kathe Kruse Dolls
Best of Teddy Bear and Friends Magazine: The Ultimate Authority : Featuring : Antique, Collectible, Artist, and Manufactured Teddy Bears
Betsy McCall: A Collector's Guide With Values
Bing*t Bears and Other Toys
Black Dolls: An Identification and Value Guide Book II (Black Dolls)
Black Dolls: Proud, Bold and Beautiful
Bleuette Clothing Patterns, 1905-1916
Bleuette: The Doll and Her Wardrobe
Blue Book Dolls and Values
Blue Book Dolls and Values, 16th Edition (Blue Book Dolls and Values)
Blue Book of Dolls and Values (Blue Book of Dolls and Values, 14th Edition)
Bobbing Head Dolls: 1960-2000
Boys' Toys of the Fifties and Sixties: Memorable Catalog Pages from the Legendary Sears Christmas Wishbooks 1950-1969
British Teenage Dolls: 1956-1984
Bru Dolls: Magnificent French Dolls
Buy Golly!: A History of Black Collectables
Buying and Selling Celebrity Dolls: Price Guide
Buying and Selling Dolls Price Guide
Cabbage Patch Kids Collectibles: An Unauthorized Handbook and Price Guide
Canadian Dolls (3rd Edition) - The Charlton Standard Catalogue
Carin Lossnitzer: Enjoying, Collecting and Making Dolls : Puppenspielen/Puppensammeln/Puppenmachen
Celluloid Dolls of the World
Celluloid Dolls Toys Playthings
Character Dolls: From the Portrait to the Model
Character Toys and Collectibles/Second Series (Character Toys and Collectibles)
Characters of R. John Wright An Unauthorized Identification and Price Guide
Chatty Cathy and Her Talking Friends: An Unauthorized Guide for Collectors
Chatty Cathy Dolls: An Identification and Value Guide
Cher Doll and Her Celebrity Friends: With Fashions by Bob Mackie
Cherish Me Always: A Century of Dolls (Cherish Me Always)
Children's Pleasures
China, Parian and Bisque German Dolls: Ca. 1840-Ca. 1900
Chloe Preston and the Peek-A-Boos
Christmas collectibles
Christmas Dolls
Cissy: Identification and Price Guide
Classic Dolls
Cloth Dolls
Cloth Dolls Identification and Price Guide, 1920s and 1930s
Cloth Dolls, from Ancient to Modern: A Collector's Guide
Coffee With Barbie Doll
Collectible Action Figures: Identification and Value Guide
Collectible American Yo-Yos - 1920S-1970s: Historical Reference and Value Guide
Collectible Gi Joe: An Official Guide to His Action-Packed World
Collectible Male Action Figures: Including G.I. Joe Figures, Captain Action Figures, Ken Dolls
Collectible Toys and Games of the Twenties and Thirties from Sears, Roebuck and
Collectibly Yours Barbie Doll 1980-1990: 1980-1990 : Identification and Price Guide
Collecting American-Made Toy Soldiers: Identification and Value Guide
Collecting Antique Dolls: Fashion Dolls, Automata, Doll Curiosities, Exclusive Dolls
Collecting Dolls
Collecting Dolls' Houses and Miniatures
Collecting Dolls: Reference and Price Guide
Collecting Foreign-Made Toy Soldiers: Identification and Value Guide
Collecting Golliwoggs: Teddy Bear's Best Friends (Schiffer Book for Collectors (Hardcover))
Collecting Rose O'neill's Kewpies (Schiffer Book for Collectors (Hardcover))
Collecting Teddy Bears
Collecting Tin Toys (Popular Toy Collectables S.)
Collecting Toy Soldiers
Collecting Toy Trains: An Identification and Value Guide, No. 3 (O'Brien's Collecting Toy Trains)
Collecting Toys
Collector Dolls Photo Postcards in Full Color: 24 Ready-to-Mail Cards (Card Books)
Collector Steiff Values : Complete Guide American Limited Editions Animal Kingdom 1980-1990
Collector's Compass: Barbie (r) Doll
Collector's Corner: Dolls (The Collector's Corner)
Collector's Encyclopedia of American Composition Dolls 1900-1950: Identification and Values
Collectors Encyclopedia of American Composition Dolls: 1900-1950: Identification and Values (Collector's Encyclopedia of American Composition Dolls)
Collector's Encyclopedia of Barbie Doll Exclusives and More: Identification and Values
Collector's Encyclopedia Of Barbie Doll Exclusives: Identification and Values 1972-2004
Collector's Encyclopedia of Black Dolls
Collector's Encyclopedia of Children's Dishes: An Illustrated Value Guide
Collector's Encyclopedia Of Madame Alexander Dolls 1948-1965
Collector's Encyclopedia of Vogue Dolls: Identification and Values (Collector's Guide to)
Collector's Guide to 1990s Barbie Dolls: Identification and Values
Collector's Guide to Barbie Doll Paper Dolls: Identification and Values (Collector's Guide to)
Collectors Guide to Barbie Doll Vinyl Cases: Identification and Values
Collector's Guide to Celebrity Dolls: Identification and Values
Collector's Guide to Dolls
Collector's Guide to Dolls in Uniform
Collector's Guide to Dolls of the 1960s and 1970s: Identification and Values, Vol. 1
Collector's Guide to Dolls of the 1960s and 1970s: Identification and Values, Vol. 2
Collector's Guide to Horsman Dolls 1865-1950: Identification and Values
Collectors Guide to Ideal Dolls Identification and Values: Identification and Values
Collector's Guide To Ideal Dolls: Identification and Values
Collector's Guide to Miniature Teddy Bears: Identification and Values
Collectors Guide to Nesting Dolls: Histories, Identification, Values
Collector's Guide to Tammy: "The Ideal Teen" : Identification and Values
Collectors Guide to Teddy Bears
Collector's Guide to Toys, Games, and Puzzles (Wallace-Homestead Collector's Guide Series)
Collector's Guide to Trolls: Identification and Values
Complete Encyclopedia of Teddy Bears
Compo Dolls 1928-1955 Identification and Price Guide
Compo Dolls II: 1909-1928
Composition and Wood Dolls and Toys: A Collector's Reference Guide
Connoisseur's Guide to Antique Dolls
Contemporary American Doll Artists and Their Dolls
Contemporary Artist Dolls from Germany
Contemporary Barbie Dolls: 1980 And Beyond
Contemporary Doll Stars: Forty Years of the Best (40 Years of the Best)
Contemporary Fashion Dolls: The Next Generation
Contemporary Hopi Kachina Dolls (Schiffer Book for Collectors S.)
Contemporary Teddy Bear Price Guide: Artist and Manufacturers
Country Music Singers Paper Dolls
Creating Fashion Dolls: A Step-By-Step Guide to Face Repainting
Creating Fashion Dolls: A Step-By-Step Guide to One-Of-A-Kind Dolls
Crissy Doll and Her Friends: Guide for Collectors
Crissy Family Encylopedia
Custom Dressing Dolls
Custom Dressing Lady Dolls
Darci Identification and Price Guide
Dawn Dolls: Official Encyclopedia and Price Guide
Dean's Rag Books and Rag Dolls
Decorate a Doll's House: Authentic Period Styles from 1630 to the Present Day
Deprived of Light
Designer Fashion Dolls
Designing the Doll: From Concept to Construction
Dinosaur Bob
Discovering Corn Dollies (Discovering)
Disney Dolls: Identification and Value Guide
Doll Auction Prices
Doll Catalogue - 3rd
Doll Classics
Doll Collecting with Tina: Classic Dolls from 1860 to 1960
Doll Collector's Journal
Doll Collector's Manual
Doll Collector's Record Organizer: A Guide to Managing Your Collection
Doll Directory: A Guide to U.S. Doll Museums, Collections and Hospitals Plus Clubs, Organizations and Annual Shows
Doll Fashion Anthology and Price Guide - 6th Edition
Doll Furniture, 1950S-1980s: Identification and Price Guide
Doll Furniture: 1950s-1980s Identification and Price Guide
Doll Kitchens, 1800-1980
Doll Record Book
Doll Registry : A Guide to the Description and Value of Antique and Collectible Dolls Vol 3
Doll Treasures 2001
Doll Values Antique to Modern
Doll Values: Antique to Modern (Doll Values Antique to Modern)
Dollhouses, Miniature Kitchens, and Shops from the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Center
Dolls (Shire Colour Books)
DOLLS (The Knopf collectors' guides to American antiques)
Dolls A to Z
Dolls and Accessories of the 1930s and 1940s
Dolls and Accessories of the 1950s
Dolls and Dolls' Houses
Dolls and Teddy Bear Department : Memorable Catalog Pages from the Legendary Sears Christmas Wishbooks of the 1950s and 1960s, Volume I
Dolls and Why We Love Them
Dolls Aren't Just for Kids, The Ultimate Guide for Doll Lovers
Dolls' Clothes
Doll's Clothes Storybook Collection
Dolls for Sentimental Reasons
Dolls for the Princesses: The Story of France and Marianne
Dolls' House Furniture (Shire Colour Books)
Dolls' Houses (Shire Album)
Dolls' Houses: Domestic Life and Architectural Styles in Miniature From the 17th....
Dolls of Canada: A Reference Guide
Dolls the Early Years, 1780-1880
Dolls, Puppedolls, and Teddy Bears
Dolls, Teddy Bears and Accessories of the Twenties and Thirties from Sears, Roeb
Dolls, toys, and childhood: The Mathes collection and philosophy
Dolls: A Collector's Guide
Dolls: A Postcard Book
Dolls: From Kewpie to Barbie and Beyond
Dressing Dolls with Rosemarie Ionker
Dressing Porcelain Dolls
Drusilla and her dolls
Early American Dolls in Full Color
Easy to Knit Doll Socks
Easy to Make Dolls (Easy to Make Series)
Edward Bear Esq.: The True Story of the Astonishing Achievements of Teddy
Edwardian Paper Doll Wardrobe
Effanbee A Collector's Encyclopedia 1949 - Present (Rev. Edition)
Effanbee Dolls the Formative Years 1910-1929
Effanbee: Dolls that Touch Your Heart
Effanbee's Candy Kid and Honey Paper Dolls
Effanbee's Dy-Dee: The Complete Collector's Book
Effanbee's Patsy Paper Doll Family
Effanbee's Patsyette Paper Dolls
Enchanted Companions: Stories Of Dolls In Our Lives
Enchanting Friends: Collectible Poohs, Raggedies, Golliwoggs, and Roosevelt Bears With Price Guide
Encyclopedia of Bisque Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls: 1936-1947, Identification and Values
Encyclopedia of Cabbage Patch Kids: The 1980s (Schiffer Design Book)
European Costumed Dolls: Value and Id Guide
Fabulous French Bebes
Face of the American Dream: Barbie Doll 1959-1971
Facets of Doll Art
Famous Country Singers Paper Dolls
Famous Couples Fashion Doll Patterns: 20 Patterns
Fashion Doll Clothing
Fashion Doll Makeovers: Learn from the Artists (Fashion Doll Makeovers)
Fashion Doll Price Guide Annual 2000-2001
Fashion Doll Wardrobe: A Collection of Designs and Patterns
Fashion Dolls
Fashion Dolls Exclusively International: Id and Price Guide to World-Wide Fashion Dolls
Fashion of the '40s and '50s Paper Doll Wardrobe
Fashionable Terri Lee Dolls
Fashions for Small Dolls
Fayf: Collecting Teddy Bears
Figures in Fabric
Figures in Fabric: The Sculpture of Lisa Lichtenfels
First Collections: Dolls and Folk Toys of the World
Fisher-Price, 1931-1963: A historical, rarity, value guide
Focusing on Dolls
Folk Art Paper Dolls
For the Love of Dolls and Roses: A Story of the Author, Her Life, Her Successes, and Failures
Forever Barbie: The Unauthorized Biography of a Real Doll
Forget-Me-Not: Teddy Bears, Dolls, and Memories
Francie and Her Mod, Mod, Mod World of Fashion
Free Stuff for Doll Lovers on the Internet
From Worn to Wonderful: A Step-By-Step Guide to Fashion Doll Restoration
Gene (3rd Edition) (Gene: Identification and Price Guide)
Gene Marshall: Girl Star
German Doll Marks and Identification Book
German Porcelain Dolls, 1836-2002
GI Joe Bk and Doll: African Amer
GI Joe Book and Doll: Caucasian
Gi Joe: Official Identification and Price Guide 1964-1999 (Collectibles)
GI Joe: The Complete Story of America's Favorite Man of Action
Ginny America's Sweetheart: Identification and Value Guide
Ginny an American Toddler Doll
Ginny-- an American toddler doll
Girls' Toys of the Fifties and Sixties: Memorable Catalog Pages from the Legendary Sears Christmas Wishbooks 1950-1969
Glamour Dolls of the 1950s and 1960s
Greenberg's Pocket Price Guide Lionel Trains, 1901-1994
Greenberg's Pocket Price Guide: American Flyer s Gauge 1995
Greenberg's Pocket Price Lionel Trains 1901-1995 (Greenberg's Pocket Price Guide Lionel Trains)
Groovy Girls 2007 Wall Calendar
Half-Dolls Price Guide
Handbook for Hard Plastic Dolls
Hard Plastic Dolls, II Identification and Price Guide (Hard Plastic Dolls)
Hard Plastic Dolls, Vol. 1 (Revised) (Hard Plastic Dolls)
Haute Couture Doll Fashions, 1970s (Schiffer Book for Collectors )
Helen Kish: The Artist and Her Dolls
Here Come the Bride Dolls
Herron's Price Guide to Dolls
Heubach Character Dolls and Figurines
High Style
High Style 2005 (High Style Magazine)
High Style Grand Finale
Home Decor for 18" Dolls
Hopi Kachina Dolls (Plateau, Vol 63 No 4)
Hopi Kachina Dolls and Their Carvers
Hopi Kachina Dolls: With a Key to Their Identification
Hopi Kachinas: A Postcard Collection
Hopi kachinas: The complete guide to collecting kachina dolls
Horsman Dolls
Hot Wheels: A Collector's Guide
How to be a Doll Detective
How to Make Doll Hats 'N Bonnets
Howdy Doody: Collector's Reference and Trivia Guide
I Had that Doll
Identifying Barbie Dolls: The New Compact Study Guide and Identifier
Identifying Dolls (Identifying Guide Series)
Identifying German Chinas, 1840s-1930s
Identifying German Parian Dolls
Identifying Japanese dolls. Notes on ningyo
Insider's Guide to China Doll Collecting: Buying, Selling and Collecting Tips (Insider's Guide Series)
Insider's Guide to Doll Buying and Selling: Antique to Modern, Insider's Guide
Insider's Guide to German 'Dolly' Collecting: Girl Bisque Dolls : Buying, Selling and Collecting Tips
Jan Foulke's Guide to Dolls: A Definitive Identification and Price Guide
Japanese Folk Toys: The Playful Arts
Johnny Gruelle: Creator of Raggedy Ann and Andy
Judging Dolls: For Collectors, Doll Shows, Investment, Insuring, Appraising, Auction Buying, and Fun
Kachina Dolls: The Art of Hopi Carvers
Kachinas: Spirit Beings of the Hopi
Kathe Kruse Dolls
Katy Keene Romance Paper Dolls
Kestner: King of Dollmakers (Kestner King of Dollmakers)
Kewpie for Collectors (Kewpie)
Kewpies Dolls and Art With Value Guide: Dolls and Art, With Value Guide
Kid Stuff: Great Toys from Our Childhood
Knitting and Crocheting for Antique Dolls Vol. II 1898-1913
Kokeshi: Wooden Treasures of Japan
Lee Middleton Original Dolls Price Guide
Lenci: Decorative and Extravagant
Les Petites Dames de Mode: An Adventure in Design
Liddle Kiddles
Life Like Dolls: The Collector Doll Phenomenon and the Lives of the Women Who Love Them
Little Book Of Bear Care
Living Dead Dolls: Value and Reference Guide to Collecting
Madame Alexander 2004 Collectors Dolls Price Guide # 29: 2004 Collector's Dolls, Price Guide
Madame Alexander 2006: Collector's Dolls Price Guide
Madame Alexander Collector's Dolls Price Guide, No 20
Madame Alexander Collector's Dolls Price Guide, No 21 (No 21)
Madame Alexander Collector's Dolls Price Guide, No 23 (23rd ed)
Madame Alexander Collector's Dolls Price Guide, No 24 (No 24)
Madame Alexander Dolls, 1965-1990
Madame Alexander Dolls, An American Legend (Robert Campbell Rowe Book)
Madame Alexander Store Exclusives and Limited Editions: Identification and Values
Madame Alexander: 2005 Collector's Dolls Price Guide
Magic of Character Dolls: Images of Children
Majolica Figures
Make Doll Shoes! Workbook II (Make Doll Shoes)
Marie Osmond's Collector Dolls: The First Ten Years
Marklin Great Toys 1895-1914
Martin Leman's Teddy Bears
Marx Toys: Robots, Space, Comic, Disney and TV Characters : With Values
Masterpieces in Minature: Dollhouses
Matchbox Toys 1948 to 1993/Identification and Value Guide
Mickey Mouse Picture Cards and Album
Milettes: Small French Dolls to Collect and Make
Miller's Antiques Checklist: Dolls and Teddy Bears (Miller's Antiques Checklist)
Miniature Mannequins: Identification and Price Guide
Mission Furniture : How to Make It
Modern Collectible Dolls: Identification and Value Guide (Modern Collectible Dolls)
Modern Collectors Dolls Vol 2
Modern Collector's Dolls: 8th Series
Modern Collector's Dolls: Fifth Series (Modern Collector Dolls)
Modern collector's dolls: Price update
Modern Collector's Dolls: Third Series (Modern Collector's Dolls)
Modern Doll Rarities
More American dolls from the post-war era 1945-1965
More Enchanting Friends: Storybook Characters, Toys, and Keepsakes
Moritz Gottschalk, 1892-1931: Dollhouses - Doll Rooms - Kitchens - Stores - Furniture--Reprints of Original Catalog Photographs with Historical Documentation
Motorcycle Toys: Antique and Contemporary : Identification and Values
My Doll Organizer
My Doll Organizer Fact Sheets Album: Over 60 Fact Sheets
Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls
Nativity: Cre*ches of the World
Naughties: Nudies and Bathing Beauties
Ningyo: The Art Of The Japanese Doll
Nippon Dolls and Playthings: Identification and Values
No. 1 Price Guide to M.I. Hummel Figurines, Plates, More... (Mi Hummel Figurines, Plates, Miniatures and More Price Guide)
Norah Wellings Cloth Dolls and Soft Toys
Not Just a Pretty Face: Dolls And Human Figurines in Alaska Native Cultures
On Display: Displaying Your Treasures With Style
On Land, Sea and in the Air
Overstreet Presents: Hake's Price Guide to Character Toy Premiums : Including Comic, Cereal, Tv, Movies, Radio and Related Store Bought Items
Paper Dolls of the 1960S, 1970S, and 1980s: Identification and Value Guide
Paper Soldiers: The Illustrated History of Printed Paper Armies from the 18th, 19th and 20th Centuries (Golden Age Editions)
Papiermache Puppen 1760-1860
Paris Collection: French Doll Fashions and Accessories
Patricia Smith's album of all bisque dolls: Identification and value guide
Patricia Smith's: Doll Values Antique to Modern (7th Series)
Patsy Doll Family Encyclopedia
Personal Doll Inventory
Pin Up (Amuses Gueules)
Porcelain Doll Design and Creation: Materials, Techniques, Patterns
Post-War Tin Toys: A Collector's Guide
Price Guide for Madame Alexander Collectors Dolls No. 14
Price Guide to Dolls (Price Guide Series)
Price Guide to American Toddler Doll/Covers Ginny Dolls 1922-1991
Queen Mary's Dolls' House
R. John Wright: The Art Of Toys
Rag Dolls
Raggedy Ann and Andy Collectibles: A Handbook and Price Guide
Raggedy Ann and Andy Family Album
Raggedy Ann and Andy Postcard Book
Raggedy Ann and Johnny Gruelle: A Bibliography of Published Works
Raggedy Ann and More : Johnny Gruelle's Dolls and Merchandise
Rare and Lovely Dolls: Two Centuries of Beautiful Dolls
Ray Manley's Hopi Kachinas
Reflections Journal
Reflections on Fashion
Revlon Dolls and Their Look-Alikes
Robert Tonner Inspirations
Romance of Dolls and Teddy Bears
Royal Children Paper Dolls: Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth II
S. F. B. J. Captivating Character Children
Santa Dolls and Figurines Price Guide : Antique to Contemporary, Revised Edition
Santa Dolls Historical to Contemporary
Sasha-Puppen: Sasha Dolls
Schoenhut Dolls: A Collector's Encyclopedia
Schroeder's Collectible Toys Antique to Modern Price Guide 2006: Identification and Values Of Over 20,000 Collectible Toys
Schroeder's Collectible Toys Antique to Modern Price Guide/1996
Scouting Dolls Through the Years: Identification and Value Guide
Sculpting Dolls in Cernit
Selected Writings of John Darcy Noble: Favorite Articles from Dolls
Sensational '60s: Doll Album, Price Guide
Sewing for 20th Century Dolls: 100 Plus Projects
Shirley Temple Dolls and Fashions: A Collector's Guide to the World's Darling
Shirley Temple: Identification and Price Guide to Shirley Temple Collectibles
Simon and Halbig Dolls: The Artful Aspect
Simple and Stylish Patterns for 18-Inch Dolls' Clothing (Creative Crafters)
Simple and Stylish Patterns for Dolls' Hats and Shoes: For 18-Inch, 14-Inch and 8-Inch Dolls (Creative Crafters Series)
Simply Kids - Cloth Dolls
Skipper: Barbie Doll's Little Sister
Small Dolls of the 40s and 50s: Identification and Value Guide
Soul Mate Dolls: Dollmaking As a Healing Art
Study of the Fashion Dolls of France
Talking Toys of the 20th Century: Collector's Identification and Value Guide
Tammy and Her Family of Dolls: Identification and Price Guide
Tasha Tudor's Dollhouse : A Lifetime in Miniature
Teddy Bear Artist Annual
Teddy Bears: A Complete Guide to History, Collecting, and Care
Terri Lee Dolls Identification and Price Guide
The Art Doll Chronicles: A Collaborative Journey of Discovery
The Art of Barbie
The Art of Making and Marketing Artdolls
The Art of Making Beautiful Fashion Doll Shoes
The Art of the Russian Matryoshka
The Barbie Closet: Price Guide for Barbie and Friends Fashions and Accessories, 1959-1970
The Barbie Doll Boom: Identification and Values
The Barbie Doll Years 1959-1996: A Comprehensive Listing and Value Guide of Dolls and Accessories
The Barbie Doll Years, 1959-1995: A Comprehensive Listing and Value Guide of Dolls and Accessories
The Barbie Doll Years: A Comprehensive Listing and Value Guide of Dolls and Accessories
The Beatles: A Reference and Value Guide
The Best of Barbie: Four Decades of America's Favorite Doll
The Best of John Axe: Collectible and Modern Dolls
The Best of the Doll Reader (Best of Doll Reader)
The Care of Favorite Dolls : Antique Bisque Conservation
The Collectable World of Mable Lucie Attwell
The Collectible Barbie Doll: An Illustrated Guide to Her Dreamy World
The Collector's Book of Dolls
The Collector's Encyclopedia of Barbie Dolls and Collectibles
The Collector's Guide to British Dolls Since 1920
The Complete Book of All-Bisque Dolls
The Complete Book of Doll Making and Collecting
The Complete Encyclopedia to G.I. Joe
The Complete Guide to Shirley Temple Dolls And Collectibles: Identification and Value Guide (Identification and Values )
The Creative Art of Dolls (The Creative Art of Series)
The Definitive Guide to Collecting Black Dolls
The Die Cast Price Guide: Post War : 1946 to Present
The Doll Collector's Recordkeeper
The Doll Hospital Directory
The Doll House Decorator: The Complete Guide to Do-It-Yourself Furnishings for Dolls and Dollhouses
The Doll: By Contemporary Artists
The Dollhouse Sourcebook
The Dollings
The Dolls Clothes Collection: Complete Outfits for You to Make
The Dolls of Jules Nicolas Steiner
The Enchanted Worlds of Myles Pickney
The Encyclopedia of Australian Dolls
The Encyclopedia of Marx Action Figures: A Price and Identification Guide
The Encyclopedia of Regional Dolls of the World
The Ginny Doll Encylopedia
The Golden Age of Collectible Dolls 1946-1965
The Great Book of Britains: 100 Years of Britains Toy Soldiers 1893-1993
The Great Book of Hollowcast Figures
The Handbook of Doll Repair and Restoration
The Hand-Carved Marionettes of Gustave Baumann : Share Their World
The History and Art of Googlies
The History of Sindy
The Hopi Approach to the Art of Kachina Doll Carving
The Jumeau Doll
The Little Book of Celebrity Bears (Little Bear Library)
The Official 30th Anniversary Salute to Gi Joe 1964-1994
The Official Precious Moments Collector's Guide to Company Dolls (
The Official Precious Moments Collector's Guide to Figurines
The Official Price Guide to Dolls
The Overstreet Toy Ring Price Guide
The Raikes Bear and Doll Story
The Robert Tonner Story: Dreams and Dolls
The Story of Barbie Doll (2nd ed)
The Story of German Doll Making, 1530-2000
The Toy Museum (Dolls) Transfer Seals, Dress-Up Paper Dolls
The Tyler Wentworth Fifth Anniversary Album
The Ultimate Barbie Doll Book: Identification and Price Guide
The Victorian Dollhouse Book
The Victorian Paper Doll Wardrobe/3 Paper Dolls With 12 Costumes
The Vivien Greene Dolls' House Collection
The Wonder of Barbie: Dolls and Accessories 1976-1986
The World of Barbie Dolls
The World of Dolls
The World of Raggedy Ann Collectibles: Identification and Values
The World's Most Beautiful Dolls
Thirty Years of Mattel Fashion Dolls: Identification and Value Guide 1967 Through 1997
Tin Dream Machines: German Tinplate Toy Cars and Motorcycles of the 1950s and 1960s
Tin Toys Postcard Book (PostcardBooks)
Tomarts Encyclopedia and Price Guide to Action Figure Collectibles, Vol. 1: A-Team Thru G.I.Joe
Tomarts Encyclopedia and Price Guide to Action Figure Collectibles, Vol. 2: G.I.Joe Thru Star Trek
Tomarts Encyclopedia and Price Guide to Action Figure Collectibles, Vol. 3: Star Wars-Zybots
Tomart's Encyclopedia of Action Figures: The 1001 Most Popular Collectibles of All Time
Tomart's Price Guide to Hot Wheels Collectibles
Tomart's Price Guide to Hot Wheels: 1968-1997
Tomarts Price Guide to McDonalds Happy Meal Collectibles
Tomart's Price Guide to Saalfield and Merrill Paper Dolls (Tomart's Price Guides)
Tomart's Price Guide to Tin Litho Doll Houses and Plastic Doll House Furniture
Toy Bop: Kid Classics of the 50's and 60's
Toy Shop 1997 Annual Directory (Toy Shop Annual)
Toy Shop Annual, 1998 (Toy Shop Annual)
Toy Soldiers Identification and Price Guide: Identification and Price Guide (Confident Collector Series)
Toys and Prices 1996 (Toys and Prices, 1996)
Toyshop 1996 Annual (Toy Shop Annual)
Transport Toys: An International Survey of Tinplate and Diecast Commercial Vehicles from 1900 to the Present Day
Treasury of Barbie Doll Accessories: 1961-1995
Troll Identification and Price Guide
Ty Beanies Tracker Guide
Ty Beanies Tracker: The World's Most complete Ty Guide
Ufo and Alien Collectibles Price Guide: Price Guide
Ultimate Barbie
Ultimate Book of Traditional Bears (Ultimate Teddy Bear)
Ultimate Doll
Ultimate Doll Book
Ultimate Fashion Doll Makeovers: Tips from the Experts
Ultimate Teddy Bear Book
Ultimate Teddy Library 3-copy Slipcase (Ultimate Te)
Understanding Dolls
Unitt's Canadian Price Guide to Dolls and Toys
Vintage Clothing for the Fashion Doll
Wallace-Homestead Price Guide to Dolls: 1986-1987
Warman's Barbie Doll Field Guide
Warman's Dolls Field Guide: Values And Identification (Warman's Dolls)
Warman's Dolls: A Value and Identificatin Guide (Warman's Dolls)
Warman's Dolls: Antique To Modern Idetification And Price Guide (Warman's Dolls)
Warman's Gi Joe Field Guide: Values And Identification
World Colors Dolls and Dresses (World Colors)
World Guide to Dolls
World of Lego Toys
Yesterday's Children: The Antiques and History of Childcare
Yesterday's Toys 1: Celluloids (Yesterday's Toys)
Yesterday's Toys 2: Planes (Yesterday's Toys)
Yesterday's Toys: 750 Tin and Celluloid Amusements from Days Gone By
Zany Characters of the Ad World: Collector's Identification and Value Guide
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