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Pinfire Firearms
Priced in Auctions

Pinfire Pistols

Lot 26

Breech-loading Folding Pinfire Pocket Pistol

Serial no $2,156.50 11/06/2006

Lot 2380

Double Barrel Pinfire Folding Trigger .58 caliber Pistol

Serial no $309.38 11/14/2004

Lot 206

French or Belgian Double Barrel Pinfire Pistol

Serial no 29 $34.05 11/14/2005

Lot 40

French Woman's Pocketbook Pinfire Pistol by L. Loeven

Serial no $2,553.75 11/06/2006

Lot 304

Gold & Silver-Inlaid Pinfire Pocket Pistol, c.1840

Serial no $1,021.50 11/06/2006



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Reloading Kit for 5mm, 7mm, 9mm and 12mm Pinfire Cartridges
New Easy to Use System

Revive your vintage pinfire revolvers or pistols.

Reloading of this tricky cartridge is now very easy to perform with this special and unique kit.

The starting kit includes 8 tools (shown above) +
12 reloadable brass cases + 12 percussion cap holders + 12 firing pins + 25 special lead bullets.

Each case and primer holder can generally be re-used about five to six times.

You must procure the black powder and the percussion caps at your local gun shop.

A user manual web page is available here :