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German Set of Deluxe Percussion 20 gauge Shotguns Gold Inlaid, by Moser of Munich, c. 1800

Item sold by Gregg Martin Auctions on 04/25/2005 for : $13,500.00

Lot 2050 Detail

Rare Matched Set of Deluxe German Percussion Shotguns, Gold Inlaid and Silver-Mounted, by Moser of Munich, c. 1800, Converted c. 1835-40

20 gauge, modified chokes, 33 15/16-inch side by side patent breech barrels, with top of solid rib gold inlaid "Canon Tordu" in script; left barrel at breech engraved on gold banner MOSER; right barrel inscribed on similar banner, IN MUNCHEN. Right lock of each gun with gold inlaid eagle motif clutching gold banner engraved MOSER. Left lock of each gun with gold inlaid eagle motif clutching gold banner, engraved IN MUNCHEN. Barrel breeches and patent breeches gold inlaid with scroll and border motifs including stylized wolf head on each barrel; locks with matching gold inlaid scrolls and borders; gold inlaid spider motif forward and adjacent to each brass front sight blade. Silver mounts of lightly border engraved buttplates, triggerguards, key plates, ramrod ferrules and toeplates; acorn finials on main ramrod ferrules, keyplates, heel of buttplates and front of toeplates. Gold inlaid bands at barrel breeches, locks with sliding hammer safeties; sling swivels. Z engraved on buttplate of one gun at toe; arrow motif matching on other gun. Browned barrels; with case-hardened locks, patent breeches, and trigger plates. Varnished, checkered and elaborately carved select walnut halftocks; large cheekpiece on left side of each butt; stock details include scroll panels behind each cheekpiece, encirling sleeping stag; matching motif on right side of each stock, to rear of wrist; acorn motifs also found within stock carvings, as well as beaded and roped borders. Brass mounted ramrod on one gun, pewter mounted on other. Length of pull 14 1/4-inch. Weight, approximately 8 pounds.

Condition: Very good to fine. Gray and brown patina to barrels, pitting; bores with light pitting. 55% case-hardening; silver tarnished. Stock with wear, nicks and mars; repaired break on left side of fore-end and at front of right lock of gun marked Z; minor chips from wood at locks of mate. Brass-mounted ramrod old replacement.

Note: Elaborately carved and silver-mounted, as well as gold inlaid and engraved, these guns were built for game shooting and reflect a high standard of craftsmanship and gunmaking.

Estimate: $10000 - $15000

Rare Matched Set of Deluxe German Percussion Shotguns, Gold Inlaid and Silver-Mounted, by Moser of Munich, c. 1800, Converted c. 1835-40


Basic one shell 16 gauge kit
for pinfire shotgun

User manual click here

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Includes a brass case, a cap holder, a firing pin and a long screw

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