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Sold by James D. Julia auctions on October 2007 for : $2,415.00

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"MISSISSIPPI CONFEDERATE ALTERATION OF HALL RIFLE. SN NSN. Cal. 64. Mr. Michel describes this gun as follows: "Alteration to percussion of Model 1819 Hall rifle. Breechblock marked 'J. Hall / H. Ferry / US / 1831'. This alteration performed by brazing a striker onto the bottom jaw of the original flintlock hammer. This newly formed hammer strikes vertically a nipple screwed into the breechblock from which the original pan has been filled in. Exactly the same alteration appears on a North contract Hall rifle, on which the top of the receiver is stamped 'S. Carolina'". Murphy & Madaus show in Confederate Rifles and Muskets, plates 23 & 24, p. 334, a nearly identical specimen of an 1832-dated Hall that is attributed to a Mississippi armory. This alteration, according to Murphy & Madaus, was "thought to have either occurred at the Holly Springs Armory or Columbus (Briarfield) Arsenal. As with those altered rifles, the chamber block was removed from the frame, and the flintlock battery was removed from the block. Upper and right surfaces from the block were ground to eliminate the projections from the pan, its fence, and the frizzen supports. The indentation in the upper right top of the block that permitted the toe of the frizzen to rotate, however, was not filled in. The former vent was enlarged and threaded; into the newly-threaded hold a percussion code was screwed at a 90-degree angle to the top of the block. The old flintlock cock was cut above the throat, so as to remove the jaws and jaw screw. In place of those parts a new top section incorporating a striker and spur was brazed to the lower section of the cock. The percussion hammer then was re-attached to the chamber block, and the block was re-inserted into the frame. No reassembly marks were applied to the rifles during the process of alteration". You are bidding on a complete and orig example of the distinctive, massive, brazed-hammer variety of Confederate altered Halls. CONDITION: Bbl and other metal surfaces are black with scattered scuffing and pitting.  Stock is sound with scattered dings and scratches.  Initials "WJC" are scratched lightly into right side of buttstock.  Multi-grooved Hall rifling is very good.  Front bbl band is partially cleaned, showing a brown surface under the black surface of other bands and rest of metals surfaces on this gun.  Ramrod is bright. 4-31286 JS146 (3,000-5,000)"

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Reloading kit for pinfire cartridges (5mm,7mm,9mm & 12mm)
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Basic one shell 16 gauge kit
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pinfire 16 gauge shell - reloading

Includes a brass case, a cap holder, a firing pin and a long screw

Reloading kit for pinfire cartridges (7mm & 9mm)
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pinfire revolver cartridge reloading


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Reloading .32 .38 .41 rimfire cartridges
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Reloading pinfire cartridges
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