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Sold by James D. Julia auctions on October 2007 for : $0.00

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"COLUMBUS ARMORY RIFLE. SN 73. Cal. 58. Several Confederate rifles made by various makers in Columbus, GA and the surrounding area have similar features. Among these makers are J. P. Murray, Columbus Armory, Dickson, Nelson, and David & Bozeman. All these manufacturers shared similarly designed carbines and MS-style rifles. All these makers normally marked their guns, with exception of the Columbus Armory, where only 2 or 3 marked specimens are known. Based on this information, we believe this unmarked gun to be a product of the Columbus Armory. Earlier literature usually identifies these guns as J. P. Murray. Bbl of this gun is inspected "PRO. / F.C.H." which is seen on known J. P. Murray and Columbus Armory weapons. Information on the Columbus Armory only recently has come to light in the marvelous book by John Murphy and Howard Madaus, Confederate Carbines and Musketoons. Murphy and Madaus, in their book, describe the Confederate contract to Columbus Armory for 200 guns in 1862, to be inspected by Capt. F. C. Humphries, who inspected this gun. John D. Gray, the owner of the Columbus Armory, was paid for 183 guns. This gun, SN 73, certainly falls in that range. Mr. Michel, in his notes, describes the markings and restoration of this gun as follows: "The lockplate is unmarked, but the barrel in characteristically marked 'PRO. / F.C.H'. The sideplate is marked 'VI' and the barrel underside marked '73', while the inside of the lockplate is marked both 'VI' and '73'. The fore-end has been added from underneath the rear band to the front band and nose cap. On the barrel is an original and correct Boyle & Gamble brass saber bayonet adapter". CONDITION: Bbl is brown/black with scattered pitting. Bbl proofs are clear and well stamped. There is a partially discernible "224" stamped about 3" from muzzle end on top of bbl. The attached Boyle & Gamble bayonet adapter is serial numbered "46" and has a rich, "excavated"-type patina. Brass buttplate and trigger guard are well patinaed over scattered nicks and scratches. Front bbl band and possibly rear bbl band, are replacements, as is forestock forward of rear band, ramrod, and rear sight. 4-31299 JS121 (8,000-12,000)"

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Reloading kit for pinfire cartridges (5mm,7mm,9mm & 12mm)
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Basic one shell 16 gauge kit
for pinfire shotgun

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pinfire 16 gauge shell - reloading

Includes a brass case, a cap holder, a firing pin and a long screw

Reloading kit for pinfire cartridges (7mm & 9mm)
Revive your antique guns

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pinfire revolver cartridge reloading


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Reloading .32 .38 .41 rimfire cartridges
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Reloading pinfire cartridges
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