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Sold by James D. Julia auctions on October 2007 for : $26,450.00

"PURDEY DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUNS. SN 20167 & 20168. Cal. 12 ga. Lovely old cased pair of Purdeys with 30" bbls choked identically FULL/IMP-CYL with tapered concave smooth ribs, sgl beads, ejectors, dbl chopper lumps, assisted opening & dbl triggers. They are nitro proofed 1-1/8 oz. and have 2-1/2" chambers. Ribs are marked with maker's name & address with a "1" and a "2" at breech ends which numbers also appear on opening levers & inside forend irons. They have usual 7-pin sidelocks engraved in standard Purdey English rose & scroll patterns with about 75-80% coverage. They have "SAFE" in gold on top tangs. Mounted with highly figured streaky French walnut with checkered splinter forearms & straight hand stocks, 15-5/8" over checkered butts on wood extensions. Orig LOP is 14-7/8". They each have a silver initial oval on bottom engraved "D.A.P." Accompanied by an orig, Purdey, burgundy felt lined, brown leather motor case embossed on lid "D.A.P." with orig maker's label inside lid and a 2-pc brass & wood cleaning rod. Interior compartments contain a Holland & Holland pewter oil bottle & a nickled brass oil bottle, an ebony handled firing pin busing spanner with one broken tip and a variety of cleaning implements. #20167: Bore diameter: left - .738, right - .733. Bore restrictions: left - .027, right - .008. Wall thickness: left - .032, right - .032. #20168: Bore diameter: left - .733, right - .734. Bore restrictions: left - .027, right - .008. Wall thickness: left - .030, right - .026. Drop at heel: 1-7/8", drop at comb: 1-3/8". Weight with #20168 bbls: 6 lbs. 15.36 oz. CONDITION: Both shotguns are about very good.  #20167: Bbls retain about 95% strong orig blue with thinning over forearm area and a few small scrapes with muzzle & breech end edge wear.  #20168: Bbls retain about 90% strong orig blue, thinned over forearm area.  Otherwise they have nearly identical wear with receivers & lockplates retaining traces of orig case colors having turned almost completely silver.  Wood on both shotuns is sound showing extreme wear but having had great care with only minor nicks & scratches and a small gouge or bruise.  Forearm on #20167 has strong checkering while #20168 is worn nearly smooth.  Left ejector on #20168 is not working, although hammer cocks & fires, otherwise mechanics are fine, bright shiny bores.  Case is extremely fine. 4-32585 JR288 (22,500-32,500)"

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