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Books on The American Military

A Book of Five Swords and a Scroll
A Collector's Guide to Allgemeine SS
A Collectors Guide to Swords, Daggers, and Cutlasses
A Collector's Guide to Third Reich Militaria
A Practical Guide to Collecting Civil War
A Short History of Costume and Armour: Two Volumes Bound as One (Dover Pictorial Archives)
A-2 and G-1 Flight Jackets: Hell-Bent for Leather (Motorbooks Classic)
American Flight Jackets, Airmen and Aircraft: A History of U.S. Flyers' Jackets from World War I to Desert Storm (Schiffer Military Aviation History)
American Military Collectibles Price Guide
Antique Medical Instruments
Antique Medical Instruments: Revised Price Guide
Army Air Force and United States Air Force: Decorations, Medals, Ribbons, Badges and Insignia
Authentic Nelson
Bing Brothers A-G Nuremberg Bavaria, 1906: Special Catalogue of Instructive Mechanical, Optical and Electrical Toys (The Bing Toy Catalogues)
Blue Steel: The U.S. Navy Reserve (Osprey Colour Series)
Camouflage Uniforms of the Waffen-Ss : A Photographic Reference. (Schiffer Military/Aviation History)
Civil War Collector's Encyclopedia (Civil War Collector's Encyclopedia)
Civil War Collector's Encyclopedia: Arms, Uniforms and Equipment of the Union and Confederacy
Civil War Knives
Civil War Re-Enactment
Coins and Currency Of The Middle East: A Descriptive Guide to Pocket Collectibles
Collecting Anodised Cap Badges
Collecting Metal Shoulder Titles
Collecting Military Medals: A Beginners's Guide
Collector's Guide to the Waffen-SS
Collector's Guide to World War 2 German Medals
Colorado Warbird Survivors 2001: A Handbook on Where to Find Them
Detecting the Fakes
Discovering British Military Badges and Buttons (Discovering)
Fighting Colors
First Women of the Skies (Famous Firsts/87003822)
G.I. COLLECTORS GUIDE: Army Service Forces Catalog: US Army European Theater of Operations
Gallantry Medals and Decorations of the World
German Assault Rifle, 1935-1945
German Helmets of the Second World War, Vol. 2
German Military Collectibles Price Guide: Collector Items of Historical Interest from Imperial Germany and the Third Reich
German Military Steins: 1914 To 1945
Geronimo!: U.S. Airborne Uniforms, Insignia and Equipment in World War II (Schiffer Military History)
G-Men and F.B.I. Toys and Collectibles: Identification and Values
Hunting Warbirds: The Obsessive Quest for the Lost Aircraft of World War II
Illustrated Catalog of Civil War Military Goods: Union Army Weapons, Insignia, Uniform Accessories, and Other Equipment
INTERNATIONAL MILITARIA COLLECTORS GUIDE (International Militaria Collector's: The Guide)
Japanese and Other Foreign Military Collectibles Price Guide: Collector Items of Historical Interest from Japan and Other Nations of the World
Japanese Military and Civil Swords and Dirks
Japanese Sword: Soul Of The Samurai (Victoria and Albert Museum : Far Eastern Series)
Jet Age Flight Helmets: Aviation Headgear in the Modern Age
Knives 2006
Machine Guns: 14th Century to Present
Matchlock to Machine Gun: The Firearms Collection of the New Brunswick Museum
Mauser Military Rifle Markings
Mauser Military Rifles of the World
MiG Pilot Survival: Russian Aircrew Survival Equipment and Instruction
Militaria - A Study of German Helmets and Uniforms 1729-1918: A Study of German Helmets and Uniforms, 1729-1918
Military Badge Collecting
MILITARY COL 5 (Official Price Guide to Military Collectibles)
Military Collectibles: An International Directory of 20th Century Militaria
Military Medals, Decorations and Orders of the United States and Europe: A Photographic Study to the Beginning of World War II (Schiffer Military Aviation History)
Military Patches
Military Uniforms / Uniformes militaires (The New Brunswick Museum collections series)
More Painted Ladies: Modern Military Aircraft Nose-Art and Unusual Markings (Schiffer Military Aviation History (Paperback))
More Silver Wings, Pinks and Greens: An Expanded Study of USAS, USAAC, and USAAF Uniforms, Wings and Insignia ¥ 1913-1945 Including Civilian Auxiliaries
Neumann and Muller Imperial German Military Catalogues: A Resource for Collectors and Historians
Never Mace a Skunk
Never Mace A Skunk II: The Legends Continue
Occupied Japan for Collectors/1945-1952
Official Price Guide to Action Figures (Serial)
Official Price Guide to Civil War Collectibles (1995 ed.)
Official Price Guide to Elvis Presley Records and Memorabilia: 2nd Edition (Official Price Guide to Elvis Presley Records and Memorabilia)
Official Price Guide to Military Collectibles: Sixth Edition (Official Price Guide to Military Collectibles)
Opie's Pocket Price Guide to Britain's Hollowcast Toy Soldiers
Painted Ladies: Modern Military Aircraft Nose Art and Unusual Markings (Schiffer Military History)
Post-War Tin Toys: A Collector's Guide
Propaganda Postcards of World War II
Remember Pearl Harbor (collectibles)
Soldat: The Ww Two German Army Combat Uniform Collector's Handbook
Soviet Uniforms and Militaria 1917-1991
STALINS AVIATION GULAG (Smithsonian History of Aviation and Spaceflight Series)
Standard Catalog Of German Military Vehicles (Standard Catalog Of...)
Standard Catalog of Military Firearms 1870 to the Present: The Collector's Price and Reference Guide (Standard Catalog of Military Firearms)
Standard Catalog Of Military Firearms: The Collector's Price and Reference Guide
Studies in European Arms and Armor: The C. Otto Von Kienbusch Collection in the Philadelphia Museum of Art
Support Our Troops: Quotations on Patriotism and Prayer
Swiss Army Knives: A Collector's Companion
Switchblades Of Italy
Techniques of Medieval Armour Reproduction: The 14th Century
The Comprehensive Guide to Soviet Orders and Medals
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Civil War Collectibles: A Comprehensive Guide to Union and Condederate Arms, Equipment, Uniforms, and Other Memorabilia
The International Military Collectors Guide
The M-1 Helmet: A History of the U.S. M-1 Helmet in World War II
The Medals Year Book: 1999
The Public Art of Civil War Commemoration: A Brief History with Documents (The Bedford Series in History and Culture)
The Radom Vis Pistol
The Rapier and Small-Sword: 1460-1820
The United States Air Force Scrapbook
The United States Army Scrapbook
The United States Marines Scrapbook
The United States Navy Scrapbook
The Yasukuni Swords: Rare Weapons of Japan, 1933-1945
Third Reich Belt Buckles: An Illustrated Handbook and Price Guide (Schiffer Military History)
Tiger Patterns: A Guide to the Vietnam War's Tigerstripe Combat Fatigue Patterns and Uniforms (Schiffer Military/Aviation History)
Toys Go to War: World War II Military Toys, Games, Puzzles and Books
Trench Art (Shire Album)
U.S. Military Vehicles Field Guide: World War II - Present
U.S. Navy Patches
U-Boat Emblems of World War II (Schiffer Military History)
Uniforms of the Civil War
Uniforms of the French Revolutionary Wars 1789-1802
Uniforms of the Republic of Texas: And the Men That Wore Them, 1836-1846
Uniforms of the Soviet Union 1918-1945 (Schiffer Military History)
Uniforms of the Waffen-SS 1942-1945 Ski Uniforms, Overcoats
Uniforms of the Waffen-SS Black Service Uniform 'LAH Guard Uniform' S
Uniforms of the Waffen-SS Sports and Drill Uniforms 'Black Panzer Uniforms'
United States Combat Aircrew Survival Equipment World War II to the Present - A Reference Guide for Collectors: A Reference Guide for Collectors (Schiffer Military/Aviation History)
United States Military Medals 1939 to Present
United States Navy Wings of Gold: From 1917 to the Present (Schiffer Military/Aviation History)
US Navy Submarine Patch Guide: U.S. Navy Ships and Submarines
V for Victory Collectibles
Vernon's Collectors' Guide to Orders, Medals and Decorations (with Valuations)
Vintage Flying Helmets Aviation Headgear Before the Jet Age: Aviation Head Gear Before the Jet Age (Schiffer Military/Aviation History)
Walk Around F6F Hellcat (Walk Around)
Warman's Civil War Collectibles: Identification And Price Guide (Warman's Civil War Collectibles)
Warman's Civil War Field Guide
Warmans Civil War Weapons
Wartime Scrapbook: From Blitz to Victory 1939--1945
Wearing Propaganda: Textiles on the Home Front in Japan, Britain, and the United States (Published in Association with the Bard Graduate Center for Studies in the Decorative Arts, Design and Culture)
Wee Warriors and Playtime Patriots: Children's Military Regalia: Civil War Era through the Vietnam Period
World War 2 German War Booty a Study in Photographs
World War II Homefront Collectibles: Price and Identification Guide
Worlds of Thomas Jefferson At Monticello
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Reloading kits for obsolete black powder cartridges

Rimfire reloading

32 RF - 38 RF - 41 RF   Kit PRICE LIST

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Reloading .32 .38 .41 rimfire cartridges
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Centerfire reloading

.320 & .380 CF "Bulldog"
.320 & .38 Colt

320 CF - 380 CF

Pinfire Reloading
12/16 gauge

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Reloading pinfire cartridges
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11mm French revolver reloading kit
11mm French reloading kit PRICE LIST


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Double barrel rifles
Double barrel shotguns
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Luger pistols & accessories
Mauser Lugers
Swiss Lugers

Mauser Pistols
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Various German pistols

Astra Pistols
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CZ Pistols
FN Pistols
Spanish Pistols
Webley Pistols
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Colt Auto Pistols
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Colt 1911 Series
Colt 1903/08 Hammerless
Colt 1908 Vest Pocket
Colt Woodsman
Colt New Models

Colt Revolvers
Colt Long Arms
Colt Derringers
Colt Dragoon Revolver
Colt Frontier Revolver
Colt Long Arms
Colt Model 1849 Revolver
Colt Model 1851 Revolver
Colt Model 1860 Revolver
Colt Model 1861 Revolver
Colt Model 1862 Police
Colt Model 1865 Revolver
Colt Model 1877 Revolver
Colt Model 1878 DA Revolver
Colt New Line revolvers
Colt New Service
Colt Single Action Army
Colt Single Action Revolver
Various Colt Revolvers

U.S. Handguns
Auto Pistols

Pocket Pistols
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Civil War Griswold revolvers
Civil War LeMat revolvers
Civil War single shot percussion pistols
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Civil War revolvers of various make

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Winchester Model 1866
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Marlin Model 1888 rifles
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US Antique Guns
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Flintlock Pistol
Percussion Long Arms
Percussion Pistol

Civil War ENFIELD rifles
Civil War Model 1816 rifles
Civil War Richmond rifles
Civil War other rifles
Civil War Sharps

Kentucky Pistols
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A.H. Waters
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J. Henry
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Other Countries

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Lefaucheux Revolvers

Nagant Revolvers
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Japanese Antique Firearms

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Firearms curiosities
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