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Jackson Pollock 
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Jackson Pollock
by Ellen G. Landau
Pollock's large, bold canvases revolutionized the world of art;  more than100 are reproduced here in full color to capture the brilliance of his palette, and six gatefolds show his vast horizontal works without distortion.
Hardcover - 272 pages 2000 edition (March 15, 2000)
ISBN: 0810981866

Jackson Pollock
by Kirk Varnedoe, et al
Hardcover (October 1998)
Museum of Modern Art; ISBN: 0870700685 

Such Desperate Joy : Imagining Jackson Pollock
by Helen Harrison(Editor)
Paperback - 320 pages (January 2001)
Thunder's Mouth Press; ISBN: 1560252847

Jackson Pollock: An American Saga
by Steven Naifeh, Gregory White Smith 
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Jackson Pollock - Love and Death on Long  Island (1999) VHS Tape
A 40 minute documentary made in 1992.
Starring: Ed Harris, Jackson Pollock, et al. 
• NTSC format (US and Canada only)
• Color, NTSC

Jackson Pollock (Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists)
by Mike Venezia 
(Paperback - October 1994)

Jackson Pollock : New Approaches
by Kirk Varnedoe (Editor), Pepe Karmel (Editor)
(Paperback - July 2000)

Love Affair: A Memoir of Jackson Pollock
by Ruth Kligman 
(Paperback - November 1999)

The Essential Jackson Pollock
by Justin Spring
Hardcover - 112 pages (September 2001)
Harry N Abrams; ISBN: 0810958090

Jackson Pollock (Modern Masters Series, Vol. 3)
by Elizabeth Frank (Paperback - December 1983)

Jackson Pollock : Interviews, Articles, and Reviews
by Pepe Karmel (Editor), et al 
(Paperback - July 2000)

The Prime Minister's Christmas Card : Blue Poles and Cultural Politics in the Whitlam Era
by Lindsay Barrett (Paperback)

Jackson Pollock : Energy Made Visible
by B. H. Friedman 
(Paperback - September 1995)

The Fate of a Gesture : Jackson Pollock and Postwar American Art
by Carter Ratcliff
(Paperback - September 1998)

The Fate of a Gesture : Jackson Pollock and Post-War American Art
by Carter Ratcliff, et al 
(Hardcover - December 1996)

To a Violent Grave : An Oral Biography of Jackson Pollock
by Jeffrey Potter 
(Paperback - November 1987)

Pollock Painting
by Hans Namuth 
(Hardcover - December 1980)
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Raphael : The Paintings
by Konrad Oberhuber

Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael in Renaissance Florence from 1500 to 1508
by Serafina Hager (Editor), Annamaria Petrioli-Tofani

Raphael and His Circle : Drawings from Windsor Castle
by Martin Clayton, et al
Merrell Publishers
Hardcover - 224 pages 
Trade Ed. edition (September 1999)

Raphael (Masters of Art)
by James H. Beck, Raphael
Harry N Abrams
Hardcover - 128 pages 
(July 1994)

Raphael : The Stanza Della Segnatura (The Great Fresco Cycles of the Renaissance)
by James Beck
George Braziller
Hardcover - 95 pages 
(September 1993)

Raphael : School of Athens
by Raphael, et al
NDE Canada Corp.
Hardcover - 49 pages 
(November 12, 1999)

Raphael's School of Athens (Masterpieces of Western Painting (Paper))
by Marcia B. Hall (Editor), Marica Hall (Editor)
Cambridge Univ Pr (Pap Txt)
Paperback - 224 pages 
(February 1997)

Apostles in England : Sir James Thornhill & the Legacy of Raphael's Tapestry Cartoons
by Arline Meyer, et al
University of Washington Press
Paperback - 112 pages (January 1997)

by Roger Jones, Nicholas Penny (Contributor)
Yale Univ Pr
Paperback (August 1987)


Robert Rauschenberg
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Rauschenberg : Art and Life
by Mary Lynn Kotz
Hardcover (May 1991)
Harry N Abrams; ISBN: 0810937522

Rauschenberg Posters
by Marc Gundel 
Hardcover - 96 pages (December 2001)
Prestel USA; ISBN: 3791324934 

Robert Rauschenberg
by Sam Hunter, et al 
(Hardcover - January 2000)

Robert Rauschenberg (Art Ed Kits)
by Janet Boris (Creator), et al 
(Paperback - June 2001)

Grand Street 62: Identity (Fall 1997)
by Jean Stein (Editor), et al
(Paperback - 1997)

Robert Rauschenberg : Haywire
by Robert Rauscehnberg, et al 
(Hardcover - July 1997)

Encounters With Rauschenberg : (A Lavishly Illustrated Lecture)
by Leo Steinberg 
Robert Rauschenburg's New York art from the early 1950s on.
(Hardcover - April 2000)

Robert Rauschenberg : A Retrospective
by Robert Rauschenberg, et al
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Robert Rauschenberg, Work from Four Series: A Sesquicentennial Exhibition
by Linda L. Cathcart, Marti Mayo
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Encounters With Rauschenberg : (A Lavishly Illustrated Lecture
by Leo Steinberg, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum 
(Paperback - April 2000)

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Rembrandt's Eyes
by Simon Schama
The great 17th-century Dutch artist Rembrandt van Rijn left us so many arresting self-portraits, painted at every stage in his eventful life, that his distinctive face and bearing are a familiar part of the 20th-century cultural landscape, a recognizable presence in galleries across Europe and North America. Nonetheless, the artist himself remains an enigma. Rembrandt was a notoriously difficult man and an inveterate risk taker in life and art: his aspirations to a grandiose Amsterdam lifestyle in the heyday of his popularity as a painter of portraits and large-scale historical works bankrupted him, and he died in relative poverty. His personal effects and treasured collection of paintings and natural rarities were sold off and dispersed, leaving the historian with a tantalizingly scant body of fragmentary records around which to build a convincing biography. 

In Rembrandt's Eyes, Simon Schama--the leading historical craftsman of our era, with a career-long commitment to Dutch history--succeeds with consummate skill in bringing the heroic painter of such masterpieces as The Night Watch and Portrait of Jan Six vividly to life. Returning to the bustling Dutch world with which he first made his reputation in the bestselling Embarrassment of Riches (1987), Schama re-creates Rembrandt's life and times with all the verve and panache of a historical novelist--while never for an instant losing his scrupulous grip on recorded fact and detail. The telling surviving fragments of archival information about Rembrandt's personal and professional history are skillfully embedded in a rich, dense tapestry of the commercial whirl and political hurly-burly of the 17th-century Low Countries--a divided territory, split between the Catholic and Protestant faiths and the contested powers of the Spanish Hapsburgs and the Dutch Republic--with the tentacles of the tale reaching into the most unexpected shadowy corners of European love and war, aspiration and intrigue.

Rembrandt's Eyes is, in fact, two biographies for the price of one. From the outset, Schama contrasts the life of Rembrandt with that of his older, equally talented countryman Peter Paul Rubens, whose meteoric rise and sustained success as a society painter forms a revealing contrast with Rembrandt's unhappier relationship with fame and fortune. The comparison is a telling one. Where Rubens furnishes the wealthy and powerful with glorious reflections of, and visual foils for, their social and political aspirations and glory, Rembrandt can never resist testing the envelope of taste and stylistic acceptability. His challenge to his clients to embrace the shock of his painterly experiments with technique, texture, and composition ultimately produced his downfall. The Amsterdam town council took down his The Oath-swearing of Claudius Civilis, rolled it up, and returned his masterpiece to him to be cut down in an attempt to sell it to a suitable buyer. This is a gorgeous book to own, too. Rembrandt's Eyes is printed on heavy, high-gloss paper and lavishly illustrated throughout in full color. The double-page color spreads of the most memorable of Rembrandt's works will take readers' breath away. But above all, this is narrative history at its very best, a page-turner and an adventure story that will make the reader laugh and cry by turns in the time-honored tradition of masterly writing. --Lisa Jardine -
Hardcover: 750 pages
Knopf; ISBN: 067940256X; (November 1999)

Fictions of the Pose: Rembrandt Against the Italian Renaissance
Paperback - 534 pages 
(April 2000) Stanford Univ Press
Usually ships promptly.

Rembrandt: A Genius and His Impact
by Albert Blankert 
In recent years Rembrandt's oeuvre and influence have been hotly debated. A number of paintings hitherto said to be his have been reattributed by some scholars to pupils or even to obscure followers. This lavishly illustrated book, containing essays by some of the world's leading scholars on seventeenth-century Dutch art, is the first critical review of the present state Rembrandt studies finds itself in as a result. The Publisher.
Hardcover, 450 pages (May 1998)
Consortium Book Sales & Dist
Usually ships promptly.

Rembrandt's Enterprise: The Studio and the Market
by Svetlana Alpers
Paperback Reprint edition (January 1991)
Univ of Chicago Pr (Trd)

Rembrandt: The Master and His Workshop: Paintings/Drawings and Etchings
by Christopher Brown, Pieter Van Theil 
Hardcover (December 1991) Yale Univ Press

Rembrandt: The Master and His Workshop: Paintings
by Christopher Brown, Jan Kelch, Pieter Van Thiel (Editor)
Hardcover (December 1991) Yale Univ Press

Rembrandt: Master of the Portrait (Discoveries Series)
by Pascal Bonafoux
Paperback, 175 pages
Published by Harry N Abrams (Pap), 1992

Rembrandt's Landscapes
by Cynthia P. Schneider
Hardcover - 289 pages (May 1990) Yale Univ Press


Rembrandt by Himself
by Christopher White (Editor), Quentin Buvelot (Editor)
Hardcover - 256 pages (August 1999) Yale Univ Press

Landscapes of Rembrandt
by Boudewijn Bakker, Maria van Berge-Gerbaud 
Hardcover - 392 pages (January 1999) Uitgeverij Thoth

Rembrandt: The Painter at Work
by Ernst Van De Wetering 
Hardcover (November 1997) Amsterdam Univ Press

Rembrandt's Bathsheba Reading King David's Letter (Masterpieces of Westerm Painting) by Ann Jensen Adams (Editor), Eric Jan Sluijter (Contributor), Svetlana Alpers (Contributor)

A Weekend With Rembrandt
by Pascal Bonafoux
Hardcover, 64 pages, Published by Rizzoli Intl Pubns, 1994
The seventeenth-century Dutch painter talks about his life and work as if entertaining the reader for the weekend. Includes reproductions of the artist's works and a list of museums where works are on display. (Juvenile)

Rembrandt (First Impressions Series)
by Gary D. Schwartz
Hardcover, 92 pages, Published by Harry N Abrams, 1992
A biography of Rembrandt

What Makes a Rembrandt a Rembrandt?
by Richard Muhlberger
Paperback, 48 pages, Published by Viking Press, 1993
Explores such art topics as style, composition, color, and subject matter as they relate to twelve works by Rembrandt.

The Complete Etchings of Rembrandt: Reproduced in Original Size
by Rembrandt Van Rijn, Gary Schwartz (Editor)
Bk&Pst/rep Edition, Paperback, Published by Dover Pubns, 1994

Rembrandt Studies
by Julius S. Held 
Revised, Hardcover, 211 pages
Published by Princeton Univ Press, 1991

Rembrandt (World of Art)
by Christopher White; Paperback, Published by Thames & Hudson, 1984


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by Gotz Adriani
Hardcover - 328 pages English la edition (June 1999)
Yale Univ Pr; ISBN: 0300074875

Renoir : His Life, Art, and Letters
by Barbara Ehrlich White 
Hardcover (October 1988)
Harry N Abrams; ISBN: 0810980886

Pierre Auguste Renoir (Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists)
by Mike Venezia 
Reading level: Ages 4-8
Paperback - 32 pages (October 1996)
Children's Press; ISBN: 0516200682 

Renoir : A Master of Impressionism (The Impressionists)
by Gerhard Gruitrooy 
Hardcover - 144 pages (November 1998)
Todtri Productions Ltd; ISBN: 1880908115

Pierre-Auguste Renoir 1841-1919 : A Dream of Harmony (Basic Series)
by Peter H. Feist, Auguste Renoir 
(Paperback - 1992

Renoir Paintings : 24 Full-Color Cards
by Hayward Cirker (Editor)
(Accessory - June 1998)

Renoir for Kids (The Great Art for Kids Series)
by Margaret Hyde 
(Hardcover - July 1996)

Renoir Lithographs : 32 Works (Dover Art Library)
by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Auguste Renoir 
(Paperback - March 1994)

Color Your Own Renoir Paintings
by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Marty Noble (Illustrator)
(Paperback - June 2001)

Twelve Renoir Bookmarks
by Pierre Auguste Renoir, Carol Belanger Grafton (Designer)
(Paperback - March 2001)

Renoir Paintings Cards
by Pierre-Auguste Renoir 
(Paperback - April 1997)

Renoir Paintings Giftwrap Paper
by Carol Belanger Grafton (Designer)
(Paperback - September 2000)

Renoir Notebook
by Pierre-Auguste Renoir 
(Paperback - March 1993)

Renoir (Artists in Focus Series)
by Douglas W. Druick, et al 
(Hardcover - October 1997)

Pierre Auguste Renoir
(Paperback - July 1996)

Renoir : Art Activity Pack (Art Activity Packs)
by Mila Boutan (Paperback - April 1997)

Nature's Workshop : Renoir's Writings on the Decorative Arts
by Robert L. Herbert 
(Hardcover - September 2000)

by Lesley Stevenson 
(Hardcover - September 1995)

Impressions of the Riviera: Monet, Renoir, Matisse and Their Contemporaries
by Kenneth Wayne (Editor), et al 
(Paperback - June 1998)

by Pierre-Auguste Renio, Pierre-Auguste Renoir 
(Paperback - April 1999)

Pierre-Auguste Renoir (Treasures of Art)
by Trewin Copplestone 
(Hardcover - September 1998)

Pierre Auguste Renoir (Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists)
by Mike Venezia 
(School & Library Binding - December 1996)

Renoir: Posterbook
(Paperback - October 1996)

by Jean Renoir, et al 
(Hardcover - March 1995)
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