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Collecting Watches -

100 Years of Vintage Watches: Identification and Price Guide
1987 Price Guide for Vintage American and European Wrist Watch Price Guide (1984 Edition)
3x An Abstraction: New Methods of Drawing by Hilma af Klint, Emma Kunz, and Agnes Martin
A Collector's Guide to Clocks
A Concise Guide to Military Timepieces 1880-1990
A Guide to Dating English Antique Clocks
Advertising Clocks, America's Timeless Heritage: America's Timeless Heritage : With Price Guide
American Clock Book No. 4: Price Guide (American Clock Book)
American Clocks and Clockmakers
American Clocks: Highlights from the Collections of the National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution
American Clocks: With a Special Section on Self-Winding Clocks : 1996 Price Up-Date
American Clockwork Toys
American Pocket Watch Encyclopedia and Price Guide
American Pocket Watch Encyclopedia and Price Guide, Illinois
American Pocket Watch: Serial Number Grade Book
American Pocket Watches Identification and Price Guide: Beginning to End, 1830-1999
American Shelf and Wall Clocks: A Pictorial History for Collectors
American Wristwatches: Five Decades of Style and Design
Anniversary Clocks (Shire Album Series Number 331)
Ansonia Clocks: A Guide to Identification and Price
Antique British Clocks: A Buyer's Guide
Antique Clocks Identification and Price Guide CD-ROM and Internet Resource
Antique Clocks: 3rd Edition (Official Price Guide to Clocks)
Antique Collectors Guide
Antique Trader Clocks Price Guide: Including All Types of Clocks-17th Through 20th Century
Antique Watches Collector's Illustrated Guide
Art Deco Jewelry
Automatic Wristwatches from Switzerland: Self-Winding Wristwatches
Automatic Wristwatches: From Germany, England, France, Japan, Russia and the USA
Bella Cosa: Pocket Watches
Black Forest Clocks
Brass Dial Clocks
Breguet, Watchmakers Since 1775
Breitling Timepieces: 1884 to the Present
British Clocks Illustrated
British Longcase Clocks
British Skeleton Clocks
Calendar Clocks/With Price Update
Canadian Clocks (2nd Edition) - The Charlton Standard Catalogue
Carriage and Other Traveling Clocks
Cartier: The Tank Watch
Century of Fine Carriage Clocks
Chester County Clocks and Their Makers
Chronograph Wristwatches: To Stop Time
Clock and Watch Escapements
Clock and Watch Repairing
Clock Design and Construction
Clock Guide: Identification with Prices
Clock Identification and Price Guide, Book 3
Clock Logbook and Good Owner's Guide
Clock Making in New England, 1725-1825: An Interpretation of the Old Sturbridge Village Collection
Clock Repair: Basics
Clock Repair: Part-Time Hours, Full-Time Pay
Clock Repairer
Clock Repairing and Making - A Practical Handbook Dealing With The Tools, Materials and Methods Used in Cleaning and Repairing all Kinds of English and ... and Chiming and the Making of English Clocks
Clock Repairing As a Hobby
Clock types
Clockmakers and Watchmakers of Maryland, 1660-1900
Clockmaking: 18 Antique Designs for the Woodworker
Clocks and Clock Repairing (Practical Handbook)
Clocks (The Lyle antiques and their values)
Clocks and Clock Repairing
Clocks and Culture: 1300-1700
Clocks of New York: An Illustrated History
Clocks: A Guide for Owners P
Clocks: Centuries of Style
Collectable Clocks 1840-1940: Reference and Price
Collectible Wristwatches (Collectibles)
Collecting and Repairing Watches
Collecting Clocks
Collecting Comic Character Clocks and Watches
Collector's Dictionary of Clocks and Watches
Collector's Encyclopedia of Pendant and Pocket Watches 1500-1950: Identification and Values
Comic Character Timepieces: Seven Decades of Memories
Comic Character Wristwatches (Schiffer Book for Collectors
Complete Guide to American Pocket Watches 1987, No 7
Complete Price Guide to Watches 2006
Complete Price Guide to Watches: The Professional Standard
Complicated Watches and Their Repair
Connoisseur's Guide to Antique Clocks and Watches
Continental and American Skeleton Clocks
Designers of Time
Early Canadian Timekeepers
Early English Clocks
"Eastern Magnificence and European Ingenuity": Clocks of Late Imperial China "
Electrifying Time: Telechron and Ge Clocks 1925-55
Encyclopedia of Antique American Clocks, Second Edition
English Dial Clocks
English Domestic Clocks
English Lantern Clocks
English Precision Pendulum Clocks (Schiffer Book for Collectors)
European and American Skeleton Clocks
European Clocks in the J. Paul Getty Museum
European Pendulum Clocks
Field Guide to Flint Arrowheads and Knives of the North American Indian: Identification and Values
Foreign Clock Price Guide
Foreign Clock Price Guide: Book 5
Foreign Clocks: Vintage Price Guide : Book 4 : Black and White
French Bronze Clocks: 1700-1830
French Eighteenth-Century Clocks and Barometers.
From Garden to Belfry: An Illustrated Guide to Making Clocks and Hour-Strikers
Gemmologist's Compendium
Girard- Perregeaux
Grand Complications Volume III: High Quality Watchmaking
Grand Complications: High Quality Watchmaking
Grand Complications: High Quality Watchmaking - Volume II
Great Timepieces of the World
Gustav Becker Story - European Industrialized Clockmaking: 1990 Edition
Hamilton Wristwatches
Heavenly Clockwork: The Great Astronomical Clocks of Medieval China
Helpful Information for Watchmakers
History of the American Clock Business for the Past Sixty Years, And Life of Chauncey Jerome
History of the Hour: Clocks and Modern Temporal Orders
Horological Hints and Helps
How to Repair Herschede Tubular Bell Clocks
How to Shoot Great Travel Photos
Identifying Wristwatches
Instant Expert: Collecting Watches
Jaeger LeCoultre
Juanelo Turriano, Charles V's Clockmaker: The Man and His Legend
La Pendule Francaise Des Origines A Nos Jours
Legged Alarm Clocks
London's Theatres
Longcase Clock
Longcase Painted Dials: Their History and Restoration
Longitude: The True Story of a Lone Genius Who Solved the Greatest Scientific Problem of His Time
Magic Castle Clock Book
Make Time for Clocks: 30 Unique Designs for Your Home
Making and Repairing Wooden Clock Cases
Making a Clock-Accurate Sundial Customized to Your Location
Marble Clocks
Master Wristwatches
Masterpieces of English Furniture and Clocks
Masterpieces of Time: Long-Case Clocks and Fine Furniture by Wendell Castle
Men's Watches
Mickey Mouse Watch: From the Beginning of Time
Miller's Clocks and Barometers: Buyer's Guide (Buyer's Price Guide.)
Miller's: Clocks: Antiques Checklist (Miller's Antiques Checklist)
Miller's: Watches: A Collector's Guide
Miller's: Wristwatches: How to Compare and Value
My Own Right Time: An Exploration of Clockwork Design
Mystery, Novelty, And Fantasy Clocks
Of Time and Measurement: Studies in the History of Horology and Fine Technology
Old Clocks and Watches and Their Makers
Omega Watches
Painted Dial Clocks
Panerai: The History
Patek Philippe: Complicated Wrist Watches
Patek Philippe: Wrist Watches, Pocket Watches, Clocks : Identification and Price Guide : Retail and Vintage Prices : Book 1
Pennsylvania Clockmakers and Watchmakers, 1660-1900
Piaget Watches and Wonders Since 1874
Pocket Watch Handbook
Pocket Watches 19th and 20th Century: 19th and 20th Century
Pocket Watches: From the Pendant Watch to the Tourbillon
Porches (American Beauties)
Practical Clock Repairing
Practical Watch Adjusting
Practical Watch Repairing
Precision Pendulum Clocks: France, Germany, America, and Recent Advancements
Precision Pendulum Clocks: The Quest for Accurate Timekeeping
Prestigious Watches
Price Guide to Antique Clocks
Repairing Antique Clocks
Repairing Old Clocks and Watches
Research in Outdoor Education: Summaries of Doctoral Studies
Revolution in Time: Clocks and the Making of the Modern World, Revised and Enlarged Edition
Richard Brown's Replica Watch Report: Volume 1
Rolex Wristwatches: An Unauthorized History (Schiffer Book for Collectors)
Royal Clocks in Paleis Het Loo/Koninklijke Klokken Uurwerken in Paleis Het Loo
Russian Wristwatches: Pocket Watches, Stop Watches, Deck Watches and Marine Chronometers
Simon Willard and His Clocks
Skeleton Clocks
Skeleton Clocks: Britain 1800-1914
Striking and Chiming Clocks: Their Working and Repair
Swatch: A Guide for Connoisseurs and Collectors
Swatch: Almost Everything You Need to Know About Dealing and Collecting Swatches
Swiss Timepiece Makers, 1775-1975
Swiss Wristwatches: Chronology of Worldwide Success Swiss Watch Design in Old Advertisements and Catalogs
Temps Chanel
The Artistry of the English Watch
The Camerer Cuss Book of Antique Watches
The Carriage Clock: A Repair and Restoration Manual
The Cartier Collection: Timepieces
The Century of Watches
The Classic Watch: The Great Watches and Their Makers from the First Wristwatch to the Present Day
The Clock Repair Primer: The Beginners Handbook
The Clock Repairer's Handbook
The Clock Repairer's Manual
The Collector's Guide to 20th Century Modern Clocks: Desk, Shelf and Decorative
The Early Clockmakers of Great Britain
The Finz Multistate Method
The Fitchburg Watch
The French Marble Clock
The Georgian Bracket Clock, 1714-1830
The History of Clocks and Watches
The Intelligent Layman's Book of Royal and Imperial Clocks
The Modern Clock: A Study of Time Keeping Mechanism, Its Construction, Regulation, and Repair
The Official Overstreet Indian Arrowheads Price Guide, 8th edition
The Official Price Guide to Clocks
The Pequegnat Story: The Family and the Clocks
The Power of the Mind: Healing Through Hypnosis and Regression
The Price Guide to Collectable Clocks, 1840-1940
The Secrets of Vacheron Constantin: 250 Years of History
The Standard Antique Clock Value Guide
The Time Museum, Volume I, Time Measuring Instruments
The Trail of Time: Time Measurement with Incense in East Asia
The Watch
The Watch of the Future
The Watch Repairer's Manual
The Watch: An Appreciation
The Watch: Hand Work Versus Machinery
Tiffany Timepieces
Time and Timekeepers: Including the History, Construction, Care, and Accuracy of Clocks and Watches
Time in Gold , Wristwatches
Timepieces: Masterpieces of Chronometry
Victorian Clocks
Vintage American and European Wrist Watch Price Guide
Vintage American and European Wrist Watch Price Guide/Book 1
Vintage American and European Wrist Watch Price Guide: Book 6
Vintage Rolex Sports Models: A Complete Visual Reference and Unauthorized History
W. B. S. Collector's Guide for Swatch Watches
Warman's American Clocks Field Guide
Warman's Watches Field Guide
Watch and Clock Encyclopedia
Watch and Clock Making and Repairing
Watch and Clockmakers' Handbook
Watch and Clockmakers Handbook Dictionary and Guide
Watch of the Future: The Story of the Hamilton Electric Watch
Watches (Centuries of Style)
Watches International 2000: The Original Annual of the World's Finest Watches
Watches International 2001: The Original Annual of the World's Finest Watches (Watches International)
Watches International 2003, Volume 4
Watches International Volume 5
Watches International Volume VIII
Watches International: Volume VI
Watches International: Volume VII
Watches, Volume 4
Watches: 1850-1980
Watches: A Buyer's Guide to the World's Most Prestigious Watches, Volume 3
Watches: Centuries of Style
Watches: The Collectorªs Corner
Watches: The Ultimate Guide
Watches: Their History, Decoration and Mechanism
Watchmakers and Clockmakers of the World
Watchmaker's and Model Engineer's Lathe: A User's Manual
Waterbury Clocks: History, Identification, and Price Guide
Westclox: An Identification And Price Guide
Westclox: Electric (Schiffer Book for Collectors
Westclox: Wind-Up
World of Watches
Wristwatch Annual 2000: The Catalog of Producers, Models, and Specifications (Wristwatch Annual, 2000)
Wristwatch Annual 2004: The Catalog of Producers, Models, and Specifications
Wristwatch Annual 2005: The Catalog of Producers, Models, and Specifications
Wristwatch Annual 2006: The Catalog Of Producers, Prices, Models And Specifications
Wristwatch Annual 2007
Wristwatches: A Connoisseur's Guide
Wristwatches: A Handbook And Price Guide
Wristwatches: History Of A Century's Development
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